I am  Cassia, and I am happy that you are here.


Gifted with the opportunity to grow up in the Rocky Mountains, an awareness of the interconnection with the trees, the wild things and Mama Earth has been centered in my being since I can remember. Even now, surrounded by sandstone, the San Juans and the sagebrush that thrives, the interweaving of what is bigger than us continues to ripple into my practice of life.


I am a yoga student first, rooted in self-inquiry and growth. My heart glows when I get to guide yoga practices for old friends and new friends alike. I am lucky to have the teachers who influenced my practice and I lean into their teachings as I offer guidance on the mat.

I provide an opportunity for humans to ground down, connect into their body & mind, curiously explore through self-discovery, and meld with Source. For me, yoga is so much beyond a fitness class, it is a way of life.

Thank you for choosing to learn more about what I offer.
I look forward to meeting you on the mat.